The end of BGIM? …I hope not

And just like that, we are in crisis mode here at BGIM Media. This is not a post that I thought I would find myself writing, but it seems the same reality that is killing off independent media and content creators elsewhere has abruptly and unexpectedly landed on my doorstep. It was very sudden, and …

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Do you steal from Black people?

don't just take, give neon sign

Do you steal from Black people? I imagine that if you are a white-bodied, regular reader of this site or you otherwise have a sustained interest in anti-racism work, you would probably say no. In fact, you might even horrified that, given all that you know, the question would even be asked of you. And …

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I get by with a little help from my friends…BGIM needs you

silhouette of woman raising fist in victory backlit by the sun

We continue to find ourselves living in extraordinary times as we juggle the ongoing dual realities of both COVID-19 and economic disruptions, and I was hoping to avoid writing this post.  Typically toward the end of the year, I put out a reminder or two that this site—and our related social media work—all run on …

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