Black Girl in Maine | Anti Racism stories and Perspectives on Race

Since 2008, Black Girl in Maine has been a place for articles and stories on societal, cultural, educational, and even inspirational topics. From humble beginnings as a venue for a transplanted “Chicago girl” and Black woman to document and share her tales of life in one of the whitest states to a growing media site featuring anti-racism education and additional voices with their own perspectives on race, current events, and more. Explore, absorb, and—like founder Shay herself—learn how to make a difference in the world.

The Black Girl in Maine Blogs are anti-racism and diversity commentary articles, aimed at fostering education, dialogue, and action towards a more equitable and just society. The site is authored by Shay Stewart-Bouley, a Black woman who has lived and worked in predominantly white communities throughout Maine, and who brings a unique perspective to the discussion of race and racism.

Through her writing, Stewart Stewart-Bouley invites readers to consider the ways in which their own biases and privileges may be impacting the world around them. She tackles a variety of topics, from the intersectionality of race and gender to the ways in which white supremacy is embedded in everyday life. By sharing her personal experiences, as well as her expertise as a diversity consultant, she encourages readers to engage in uncomfortable conversations, challenge their own assumptions, and work towards a more just society.

In addition to the articles, Black Girl in Maine also shares resources and recommendations for further education and action. Shay acknowledges that anti-racism work is ongoing and requires sustained effort, and provides tools for readers to continue their own learning and advocacy.

Black Girl in Maine is a vital resource for anyone interested in anti-racism and diversity work. By centering the experiences and perspectives of a Black woman, the site provides a powerful and necessary counterpoint to the dominant narratives of white supremacy. Through her writing, Stewart Stewart-Bouley invites readers to join her in the work of creating a more just and equitable society for all.

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