Authenticity and cross-racial relations

Several days ago, I shared a personal insight on a social media platform. It went like this: Uncomfortable revelation after 21 years in this very white space. I am not sure white women are capable of authentic friendship. I find too many of y’all only want connection on your terms. That’s not how friendship actually …

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When white allies cause harm

two women back to back, with the white woman looking away from the woman of color with disdain

A lack of humility almost cost me the person whom I love and the thing is, until it was brought to my attention, I had no idea that I was so deeply lacking in humility and that this state of mind was translating into questionable behaviors. In our case, I had entered into a relationship …

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When they stare

white women staring intently through a series of diagonal lines that look like lasers

Being marginalized and ignored in society is terrible. But the irony is how much attention can sometimes be focused on various people—Black people among them—whom people otherwise ignore. I mean I know what it’s all about. Homophobic conservatives don’t want to see LGBTQ+ people living life in any way or being happy. A whole heaping …

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