BGIM Media needs your help: Fall support campaign

a hand-shaped wooden support holding up a huge tree branch as thick as a trunk growing horizontally from tree

Since 2008, Black Girl in Maine Media has been a Maine-based blog and resource for anti-racism work. Over the years, we have had a number of talented writers as part of our crew, including internationally known bluesman and storyteller Samuel James. Until late last year, Samuel was a regular BGIM Media staff writer, who you …

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BGIM Media needs your help: Spring campaign

Shay Stewart-Bouley

In my 15 years of running Black Girl in Maine, only once have I ever done a Go Fund Me-style campaign, and that was a few years into blogging, when my laptop unexpectedly died.  However, life recently has thrown enough curveballs at me—namely in the form of my health—that I realized that pride cometh before …

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