Not good-bye but a new direction: The future of BGIM

butterfly hanging upside down next to chrysalises

If you live long enough, you realize that nothing lasts forever, from relationships to careers to these containers we call bodies and so much else. Everything and everyone will eventually bite the dust or, at the very least, make major changes at some point to ensure their survival until their eventual demise. As uncomfortable as …

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I get by with a little help from my friends…BGIM needs you

silhouette of woman raising fist in victory backlit by the sun

We continue to find ourselves living in extraordinary times as we juggle the ongoing dual realities of both COVID-19 and economic disruptions, and I was hoping to avoid writing this post.  Typically toward the end of the year, I put out a reminder or two that this site—and our related social media work—all run on …

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With the public face comes some unwanted attention

The past five months have been a whirlwind! When I decided to run for public office, I had no idea how much work even a relatively small local campaign would be, nor did I fully grasp how much my life would change. For those who aren’t local or who don’t follow Black Girl in Maine …

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