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Inequality, injustice, infection | TEDxDirigo 2 | 2016

Now more than ever we must look unabashedly at race inequality. Meeting in the middle is not enough, says Shay Stewart-Bouley. In this rousing talk, she boldly elicits our collective responsibility to fight for racial justice.

Black voters ‘deeply offended’ by Maine GOP chair | MSNBC | 2012

Melissa Harris-Perry" show on the topic of black people in Maine, the myth of voter fraud involving blacks in the state and blogging about race in such a white place

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Letting It Rip - It's A Good Thing | SheSpeaks: Women's Storytelling | 2011

Shay Stewart-Bouley speaks in front of a live audience in Portland, Maine, at SheSpeaks, a women's speaking series hosted by SheChanges. Shay's story demonstrates how sometimes you have nothing to lose and everything to gain simply by keeping it real.

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  1. I am saddened reading your blogs by the (seeming) fact that we have made no progress over the last 40 odd years since the death of MLK, and the advances of the Johnson administration….we have gone backwards. The GOP has much to answer for by enabling average white Americans……

  2. Interestingly some of the issues are no different than one might encounter in cities where there is a substantial Black population (at least on paper). Nice site overall and you’re definitely not just a “mommy blogger.” 😉

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