Black Girl in Midlife

Black woman with afro wearing cool sunglasses

Recently a disgruntled reader left a comment on my personal Facebook page telling me that I am self-absorbed and not doing anything for the Black people of Maine. Initially, I was pissed off but upon further reflection, I realized that I am in a stage of my life where from the outside, I probably do …

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Not good-bye but a new direction: The future of BGIM

butterfly hanging upside down next to chrysalises

If you live long enough, you realize that nothing lasts forever, from relationships to careers to these containers we call bodies and so much else. Everything and everyone will eventually bite the dust or, at the very least, make major changes at some point to ensure their survival until their eventual demise. As uncomfortable as …

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Adventures in dating: Middle age and the madness of matching

woman operating a cell phone

Personal stories mostly went by the wayside for me in 2015, when my now ex-husband and I split up. They didn’t go away, but one thing I pledged was to at least seriously limit pieces about my family—unless highly relevant to a particular piece—because my children’s stories were no longer mine to share publicly. Which …

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