Where did the allies go? Or, the DEI rollback

Person running away from a beach with only one leg visible as they run off-screen

Back to the not-so-good old days… For over a year now, I have taken notice of the gradually shifting anti-racism and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) landscape. I don’t know exactly when things shifted but it was subtle—well, at least until it wasn’t anymore. I occupy a rather unique space in this landscape. I am …

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The cognitive dissonance of Black History Month

Abstract image of a face, screaming, fractured and in multiple modes and pieces reflecting anger or distress

Entering Black History Month this year, the words that come to mind are cognitive dissonance. On the surface, it appears as if Black people in the United States have come a long way. We had a Black president, our current vice president is Black—hell, she’s an HBCU grad and a member of one of the …

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Connections and understanding

Blurred image of man's face behind clear foreground image of his glasses held in his hands far out from his face

Whether you are an active scroller or user of social media sites—or consider yourself too good for the likes of TikTok or Twitter—there is no denying that social media has reshaped our world, down to the very way that we access information. Today’s journalists frequently break stories and find leads and sources on Twitter, or …

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