The world is on fire: Is it okay to rest?

A city totally aflame in apocalyptic imagery

Prior to 2020, it never occurred to me—as a near-lifetime career activist—that one could simply be too overwhelmed to stay active in the work. I mean sure, life happens, but we simply must go on. Right? After all, that had been my operating style for decades until 2020.  When my mother died in the spring of …

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We are tired: Let Black folks decide if they want to activate

1/3 visible profile view of a Black man's face on a dark background, with a slightly out of focus effect that gives an almost prismatic hue to his skin

Growing older in the social justice movement as a Black woman is a trip! It makes this current moment of uprising in American colleges interesting to bear witness to, with the lens of an elder activist. Despite what some believe and are loudly proclaiming, this is not the first generation to rise up against the …

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Activist fatigue and the future of the movement

Three wooden marionettes without string (or posable human models for art) sitting on a shelf with heads handing as if weary

A few days ago, I was on a call with a nationally known movement activist and fellow Black woman who has been in the trenches of the anti-racism movement for as long as me, if not longer. We talked for a while about how, as we find ourselves growing older in this work, our views …

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