The ‘uterus collector’ is an infuriating product of our history

I’m so mad. My anger has overflowed. Learning this week that women in the ICE detention centers have been given unauthorized and unwarranted hysterectomies has us overcome with anger, guilt, grief. Women. Having their wombs taken away. Having the ability to continue their families, culture, traditions, heritage. Mothers. Taking away a woman’s right. Taking away …

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There is power in anger; but who gets to be angry?

Anger. It’s an emotion that, from a young age—especially as women—we are told doesn’t have a place in our lives. Like other emotions (such as sadness, disgust, fear, and vulnerability), anger has to be shut away and shoved down. As women, we are unable to access these sides of the emotional spectrum. This affects certain …

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Taking my experience as a sexual assault survivor to better understand racism

drawing of multiracial hands in a circle

In some ways, this latest post from Heather Denkmire carries echoes of a couple other recent posts, so I’ll link them here: Me Too by René Goddess Johnson and How about we examine what’s really likely with Kavanaugh? by Samuel James. -BGIM If you’re anything like me—and most women (of color and white) I know are—you’ve …

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