Crumbling Black woman: A real-life tale

silhouette of black woman's head, screaming out in anguish

On Sunday, March 19, I sat down to write my weekly blog post. I didn’t get very far. Instead of writing the piece, I ended up having a panic attack that lasted for well over an hour. Despite using all the tools in my panic attack toolkit to make the attack end, nothing helped. In …

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Why Black folks die so young: Sometimes it’s all about the cash

view from an operating table looking at ceiling as 8 people in surgical attire loom over you

My critics—and those who just plain dislike me—often accuse me of being “obsessed with race.” The truth is that they are both right and wrong. You see, racism factors into our lives on a daily level, in both macro and micro ways. Also, most people confuse personal prejudice for racism and don’t know the difference. …

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