Insurrection and hate from all walks of life

Image of nine distant people in silhouette with the ground in front of them long and dark and the horizon behind them half stormy and half sunset

It’s tempting to blame it on stupidity, but that’s not the truth. It wasn’t just the dumbshits in Hawaiian shirts misspelling message board threats from mommy’s basement. Yes, they were there, too, attacking the Capitol Building and trying to overthrow the government, but they weren’t the only ones. There were also teachers, police officers, firefighters, …

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Education doesn’t magically erase the repugnance or ignorance

We have a problem. It’s an anti-democratic, anti-civil rights, anti-education, pro-racism, pro-fascism, pro-COVID, politically active problem. It’s a big problem and it numbers more than 70 million. The problem is the Republican Party and we have no idea how to solve it. Did you say education? If so, stop saying that. The answer to the …

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