The dehumanizing effect of dominant culture

Unnaturally white face with dark-outlined eyes and a disaffected expression

In the years since the Great Racial Awakening of 2020, the number of white-bodied folks who can spot dog whistles and give a general overview of white supremacist culture has grown. Recently, I saw this in action when a rabid racist or two showed up on an Instagram post I made, where I lamented the …

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Calling All White People, Part 60: Misunderstood white men

old style corded black phone mounted on red paneled wall

TODAY’S EPISODE: The challenge of being a modern white man One of the great burdens of the 21st century is carrying the massive weight of being a white man. The strain of carrying all that responsibility and enduring so much misunderstanding and ridicule. The huge…um…crushing…uh… Bwah ha hah ha ha ha. Sorry, I tried. I …

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