The heat stole my brains

After what is starting to feel like a never ending stream of hot days, this old song by rapper Nelly popped into my mind. However unlike in this song if I take off all my clothes it’s to stand in a cold shower and get a few minutes of relief. Funny thing is compared to most of my friends in other parts of the country, Maine really isn’t that hot. Shit, I hail from Chicago and lived through that killer summer of 1995 living on the South side of Chicago with my son and Granny who for some reason was anti air conditioner….I offered to buy one during that oppressive heat. She refused believing that air conditioning was unnatural all the while we were in a house where a good chunk of the windows were painted shut.

However I am a bit older, my tolerance for heat is pretty nonexistent these days especially when it’s never ending. So while normally this should be Hump Day, who the hell is humping in this heat? It’s more like get away from me day.

That said I have stumbled across a few new bloggers that have been rocking my world, so let me share this piece of goodness and this one. Days like today are great to sit under some cooling device sipping an ice water and doing some surfing, if you do; show those Mamas some love! As I try to grow my blogging/social media empire (I know…what empire? But it did sound good) it seems important to give some love to those of us whose voices are outside the trendy and popular narrative. Those of us who have a tendency to talk about the less than rosy stuff when it comes to parenting, life and all that jazz really aren’t an advertiser’s wet dream. I mean seriously I am on an almost depressive kick as I work through my professional angst, yet as a blogger, mother, worker, etc. I know I need to read about others who deal with the messiness of life. So stay cool and go read!

1 thought on “The heat stole my brains”

  1. Advertisers’ wet dream…bwahahaha! Classic.

    I’m scratching my head at how some bloggers are able to ride that “HONESTY!” line and yet still be a brand’s BFF. I think the ones that do it act like they are in-your-face-honest (and are convincing) but they are just screaming about topics that 75% of America finds acceptable anyway. Readers (and advertisers) feel like they are reading something controversial, but when you get in there it’s the same basic fluff with a couple swears thrown in.

    Thanks for the mention! I love reading about your work. My husband is a therapist/social worker and I know ALLLL about it. 🙂

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