Somebody is watching you, me and everyone else!

I am zooming past the blog today, as I type this the thermostat in my abode is currently reading at a toasty 84 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s right next to an open window. I suspect it’s a tad warmer here in this alcove of an office that I have. Needless to say this post will be real short.

So are you looking for job, maybe you want a career change or you have been looking for a while, you have kept your credit pristine despite this economic downturn, you have impeccable references, good skills, top education…so why aren’t you getting any calls? Well maybe it’s because on Friday night you like to kick back with a lovely Merlot and participate in the Wine Party that happens on Twitter? Or you were up a hunting lodge with some buddies and posed in front of that snazzy gun cabinet and your buddies uploaded them to Facebook and tagged you in the photos.

I know…. sounds pretty silly, after all why would or should a potential employer ever learn these things about you, after all you aren’t telling them about your personal life. Well according to this piece in today’s New York Times, some employers are adding a social media check when making hiring decisions. That’s right a social media check! So getting good workers is no longer enough, they want to know all there is to know about you and more. Crazy times and as Rockwell sang years ago “Somebody is watching Me