The costs of awakening, or support BGIM Media

I am going to keep this short and sweet: If this site is valuable to you, and you have the financial capacity, please become a monthly patron or make a one-time gift today. 

It’s been a year since I last directly reached out and asked supporters to support the site; though I do post semi-regular reminders across all of our social media channels. 

Despite seeing our readership numbers and numbers across all social media platforms increase in the past year (once again), we have never made our Patreon goal of 600 monthly patrons. In the past year, I have spoken in various parts of the country as part of BGIM Media and met avid readers of this site from all over the United States. It’s been great, but to keep the site open and available to all, as well as providing daily postings on our Facebook page, we have to be fully funded. 

What I do here at Black Girl in Maine Media was once very niche. But as awareness of race has exploded in this country, it has brought an influx of readers to this space in recent years. It is thrilling to know that we boast readership both nationally and internationally, and no doubt the increasing popularity of this site has led to a significant increase in speaking work for me. However, the site and our writers will always be the flagship operation—and my baby. But unlike speaking engagements, there are very real costs to running this site. Regular and continuing costs.

Monthly pledges determine the number of writers I can afford on any given month as those pledges pay the writers, cover the material costs of running the site, cover our editing costs, and occasionally even pay me. I also believe in supporting the work of other Black folks and POC and paying it forward. 

When pledges fall short, or fluctuate as they have in recent months, I cover things—but I would prefer not to, and honestly it’s not sustainable for me to do so. Our inability to meet our patron goal led to my short-lived podcast going on permanent hiatus because I cannot cover the production costs out of my pocket. In recent months, I have wanted to bring on additional writers—specifically several Black women who with an excellent political and racial analysis—but their rates are higher than what we can afford. 

While you may pay for your access to the internet, that doesn’t pay for the content you can access. As many of you know, the majority of  media operations limit access to their content for non-subscribers as the traditional advertising models simply no longer are viable in the digital age. 

Several years ago, the idea of paying a few bucks for a site might have seemed preposterous, but it is now a reality. I am deeply committed to anti-racism work and have chosen to keep my site free and accessible to all but that only works if enough people do feel moved to support the work with a monthly gift of $5 or more. So I am asking you to support the site today, if you find our writing and media platform to be an invaluable part of your learning. 

As always, thank you for your support and keep fighting! Fight as if your lives depend on it. 

In solidarity, Shay aka Black Girl in Maine 

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