Screw politically correct, lets get real

I remember when the whole political correctness thing came into vogue, at the time it seemed cool almost revolutionary. We would all be considerate of our fellow man/woman/human, however truth be told I am just a tad tired of being politically correct. I no longer know how to refer to someones love unit, some folks I know are hard core into using the term partner. I don’t know…truth be told partner sounds like someone I work with but in trying to be more inclusive I do use it though sometimes I slip up. Its one of the reasons I call my ole man the spousal unit, its my version of being PC.

Recently on a discussion board for some local Mamas in my area, many of whom know each other in real life, a discussion got out of hand as the conversation veered towards the recent election. Long story short someone threw out a N-bomb also known as nigger, now before anyone gets upset the gal who used it, was not referring to anyone specifically but rather responding to someone who was rather irate and my friend basically was telling off the irate woman.

Well folks got upset because my girl used the n-word, problem was as a Black woman, I wholeheartedly backed her use of the word at that time, she was making a point to someone who needed a dose of reality and while my girl’s words were crass, it made a statement.

Problem is everyone is so damn politically correct that folks were just offended that the word was used in the first place, now as the only Black person in this group, I feel like if I wasn’t mad why the hell are others mad?

See, we are so busy creating a groovy inclusive society that we shy away from being impolite or hurtful, when at times you need to just be real and tell a bitch to shut the fuck up, you sound like a ignoramus. No, I am reminded of why at times I find redneck leaning white folks more real than educated liberal ones. See, rednecks will tell you how they feel, don’t like Black folks, no problem, I can respect that, long as you don’t disrespect me or mine, you can say whatever you like. Funny thing is these same types often get to know folks on their individual merit and are alright. Now I didn’t say they would be my bosom buddy but we can get along.

On the other hand the more educated, liberal types who are so considerate and kind are often the white folks that make me feel the most uncomfortable. Its almost like they are trying to damn hard, trying to let me know they aren’t racist when in reality I start thinking maybe they are and they don’t know it yet.

No, I believe we should be an inclusive society and mindful but at the same time, lets get real. Its only when we have real discussions and get raggedy and say the shit that lurks in the back of our minds that we can truly create a real respectful space. Yeah, feelings may get hurt at least initially but if that process brings about greater understanding then I am all for a little pain.

So like Bill Maher, guess its safe to say I am politically incorrect.

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  1. Found your comments and I like and agree with them. I am white but I am very tired of having to be careful what I say. I once said I thought a dress the first lady was wearing did not suit her. I was told I was a racist. If I had said the same dress did not suit a white first lady no one would say anything. You are right it is better to know what a person thinks of you outright. You do not have to like me but I now look at it that is your problem not mine. Like Marty says I like saying Merry Christmas. So since Christmas is a few days away. Joyeux Noël. Oh I live in France 🙂

  2. Hey, I stumbled across your blog, searching about political corectness and Christmas… but I like what you are saying… I might be considered a Reneck by some, ( ride a harley, play the banjo, like country music, etc.) I am way conservative, but.. I don’t think I and most forks are racist… I hate and am afraid of whatever, scares me….
    That can be a Nazi skin head, a gandster rapper, those who who try to intimidate me of any color…

    Beyond that if we have a common interest, whether it is music, riding, or playing with the Grandkids, I will give you the courtesy of a listen.. I really think most people are like that, as you said about when people get to know each other as a person..
    enough of that.. What I am trying to find out is…

    Are there more people that feel like I do..

    I am tired of the Politically correct Happy Holidays……

    “Happy Holidays”, “Season’s Greetings”, Whatever…….
    In the United States, “Happy Holidays” (along with the similarly generalized “Season’s Greetings”) has become the common greeting within the past decade, and is found in department stores, public schools and greeting cards.

    I am not offended, when someone wishes me well with “Happy Hanukkah”, Shalom aleichem, Happy Kwanzaa, or even “live long & Prosper” what ever their Holiday Greeting…

    ……And I kinda like the Idea of Santa too!….. and giving and getting presents…. It makes me Happy…

    So let’s all get over it…..

    I am going back to “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”

    (Marty) Mokena, IL.

  3. Doggone it…this is the last comment I’m gonna make and then I’m going to BED!

    Ever since Obama won Iowa I have basically had to keep my temper over this last year while all these multi-degreed liberal white folks stumbled and tumbled over each other trying to show how nonracist they were. Let me try to break shit down about the reality of race and racism, though, and they’d get this deer-in-the-headlights look.

    I almost feel sorry for them because I get the sense that some really want to connect and understand BUT as you said there’s going to be some pain involved in the educating and the resistance is so huge…I’ve had to educate white folks my whole life and frankly, the older I get, the less patience I have for it.

  4. “On the other hand the more educated, liberal types who are so considerate and kind are often the white folks that make me feel the most uncomfortable. Its almost like they are trying to damn hard, trying to let me know they aren’t racist when in reality I start thinking maybe they are and they don’t know it yet.”

    So true, unfortunately.

    There’s a woman for whom I type and do some internet research on occasion. I really like her and have let her into my personal life somewhat. Recently though, especially with the election of Obama, she’s been saying some things that just make me wonder. Like all things Kenyan and African will be “chic” because Obama’s in office and maybe I could somehow capitalize on that as part of my side hustles. Like “you have so many opportunities because so many publishing houses are looking for Black writers!” Huh? Just one aspect of some interesting “liberal” type talk. Can’t you see it is indeed racist to see me as Black first and everything else second? I guess not.

    I’m with Malcolm X on this one . . . sometimes it’s easier to deal with the blatant racism than the kind disguised as “political correctness”. And I’m with you . . . ready for a little pain in the interest of true healing and understanding.

    P.S. Miss the old layout but I like this one too! 😉

  5. HI… Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind, encouraging words. Be sure to come again real soon.

    God bless you!

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