Your time is up…..

How come since Obama won the election and McCain gave that gracious concession speech, I have heard nothing about ole Mac but Sarah? That heffa who at first shunned the press is now out there for us all to see with her hillbilly ass (bitch, we know you ain’t giving back all them clothes including Todd’s new gear).

Seriously, its annoying and I know my boy, Big Man over at Raving Black Lunatic wrote about it as well today, but I had to add my two cents but why won’t this wench go away? Its like at the end of Ferris Bueller, which is one of my favorite flicks when Matthew Broderick’s character tells us the show is over. Sarah, you were on the losing team, seems no one bought the little hate express road show except for folks in states that my Black ass never plans on visiting. No, Arkansas trip for me anytime soon despite the fact I still got family there.

Way I see it, Mizz Sarah, tasted that national kool-aid and got stars in her eyes, problem is she was on the losing team, now if it was me and I had the GOP talking greasy about me, I would slink my ass back to Alaska and deal with my life and put this little episode behind me. Shit, she got all those kids to care for plus little Bristol’s wedding to plan, or is that off now? I mean Levi might just be a stand up kinda kid and still follow through but why wait? Why not get married before the baby arrives? Ok, I’ll stop with the questions.

Anyhoo, I am just sick and tired of hearing about Sarah and suspect I am not alone, Sarah, take your ass home and stop talking to the media, you are irrelevant. Go shoot a moose or something.  Or as Flava Flav would say “Your time is up”.

7 thoughts on “Your time is up…..”

  1. The GOP didnt want her to talk and I dont blame them! Her interviews were awful. It was obvious that she could not speak with out everything written out in front of her. Now she wants to come clean, yeah she needs to sit down! McCain is kicking himself for picking her to run with, now she is going to milk this for all it’s worth!

  2. Let’s make it some kind of “Survivor” style show in the Alaskan wilderness, without helicopters or high-powered rifles to help her. Maybe a hungry wolf or bear will end the problem for us.

  3. I feel you man!! When she was on the Today show I was like COME ON? She needs to be somewhere studying for 2012 if she is really serious.


  4. You know, I noticed something now that the campaign is over. Whatever smidgen of attraction this women had (from a purely primitive, male brain-stem, hormonal direction) for me evaporated once the election was over.


    Before, she was a contender, and however scary she was, she had at least some small amount of sex appeal for a lot of guys because she had power and might have access to more power.

    Not the first time a scary person has had sex appeal because or wealth, power or fame.

    But now, she’s back to what she always was: A bad hick with nothing to offer anyone. I think I’ve finally reached the point where I don’t need to say anything about her ever again on my blog (unless she runs for the 2012 campaign)…and Lord willing, this comment will be the last I ever say anything about her.

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