Very very sneaky

The past couple weeks have just been crazy for me, between being caught up in the election, I have been swamped with work at the same time I am preparing to start the new job. Needless to say I have been a little lax in one area of my life…..watching my weight.

Now I made lifetime on Weight Watchers back in the spring and while it was great to no longer have to pay to weigh in and know that I met a goal, the real work was only just starting. Turns out its a lot harder to maintain one’s weight than it is to lose weight, initially I kept losing, so I had to increase my intake, but then finding a comfy place to be weight wise, its been a interesting process to say the least.

I made it through the summer, not gaining, realizing that I couldn’t do my usual summer fest of ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, I had some ice cream but instead of my usual hot fudge sundae with 3 scoops of homemade ice cream, I instead opted for a single scoop. For the most part it felt good and I didn’t feel deprived. One thing I have learned is that the moment you feel deprived, all bets are off, you will start eating any and everything.

Which leads me to my current dilemma, the past few weeks I have been enjoying a daily Signature Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, these drinks are lethal. SO very fucking good, like sex in a cup. However a couple days ago I got on the scale and was like whoa….I am up about 2 pounds, now 2 pounds is not a huge deal but at the same time, I haven’t been doing anything different other than drinking these drinks.

So today, I went over to the Starbucks web site and looked up the calorie content, seems my little drink is 540 calories compared to my usual Misto which is only 110 calories and even with the shots of mocha I have added it doesn’t top 200 calories. Yeah, guess them drinks is a little too good, since unlike sex I am not burning off anything but only adding to the waistline.

See, Starbucks is a sneaky bastard, their drip coffee sucks balls, shit is too burnt tasting, yet their other drinks are the ones that hook you in, frappacino’s in the summer, hot chocolates and speciality lattes in the cold weather months. Next thing you know, you are asking yourself why are your pants getting tight when you haven’t been eating anything extra. Its the drinks, laden with calories and addictive as hell.

So, I kick off the weekend with a goalto only drink one hot chocolate a week from Starbucks, the rest of the week I will drink hot tea at home or stick to the Misto when I am out. I am reminded that when I lost my gig last year it was the best thing for my weight goals as I stopped eating out most of the time and when you cook at home, you control your caloric intake. However we all still need the occasional splurge.

Have a good weekend!