Episode #1 Season 2 – BGIM Podcast: Shay and Musician Samuel James on White Mediocrity

Took a while to get to the second season of the podcast thanks to life in general and COVID in particular, but I’m back and talking to Samuel James, who I knew as a musician worth listening to and as a friend before he ever became a writer here. And he’s been expounding upon race and related matters in other media besides BGIM Media for years now. Listen in while he and I talk about the problem and pervasiveness of white mediocrity and the way it so often trumps Black excellence.

– Shay

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I’m busy…too busy to write, but you can hear me speak…

It’s a busy busy week, work is seriously hectic especially since I am at the point where it’s time to start planning summer and fall programming at my center. So life is busy, just too busy to sit my ass down and write, but have no fear I will be back soon.

Anyway a few weeks I was interviewed by a local gal by the name of Lanna Lee, who is just a lovely woman. Lanna Lee does these amazing interviews known as Lounging with Lanna Lee, where she sits down with people and creates a dialogue.

So check out the podcast. Be back soon.