Love in the midst of a storm

Just a drive by post today since I need to be heading to the office, but I found myself wondering how do other couples stay sane and in love in the midst of the storms that life throws at you? I have written about my marriage in the past, by modern day standards I guess we aren’t doing too bad. This fall will bring us to 12 years of marriage and together for 14, no small feat in this crazy world.

Yet lately we find ourselves snapping at one another, not finding those peaceful moments…heck the other day we were actually fighting over cheese and hamburger buns. A silly fight  that years ago never would have happened but lately as we deal with life as middle aged homeowners, parents. workers…it seems the quiet fun times have escaped us. Though I will say the love is still there, we are both clear on that…its just that my internal wiring makes it hard for me to be lovely and dovey when I am thinking about bills and other boring issues like home repairs or the big one my job.

So how do you and your partner stay grounded and connected when life is throwing so much at you, the thought of hiding in a bottle of Jack Daniels almost seems attractive until you remember you aren’t much of a drinker and the idea of a hangover is just plain repulsive.