How come we don’t talk about money?

If you are a regular reader at my little space here, you have probably noticed that I talk about money and things related to money an awful lot…in part because it seems very few of us really talk money. I mean the economy is in the shitter, jobs being lost left and right, health-care costs rising and if you are fortunate enough to have health insurance, what does it really cover?

Yet I noticed that very few of us really talk about money in real terms. I am talking its 4 days before payday, you know your credit cards are close to the brink and that your checking account has about $37 in it and you need milk, eggs, bread and gas. A friend calls you up and says lets get together for lunch or drinks; you know deep in your heart you need to say no because you are broke but do you say no? Or do you just go out, enjoy the meal hand over the plastic and wait to get the notice that you have overdrawn your account again.

Me, I tell the truth and say catch me after I get paid but I know a lot of folks who will mention bank fees and sometimes even bounced check fees to me. In many cases friends tell me its because they forgot to enter the receipts. Really? Am I the only person who generally knows what’s in my bank account at all times even without entering the receipts? Or is that just a convenient excuse for not saying the truth which is I am tight on cash.

Its funny because in my work with folks on the fringe of society, they are upfront about saying they are broke and often with no shame. Instead its folks in the various levels of the middle class who seems to find creative excuses for not talking about money. Now I recently posed this question why don’t we talk money and someone said because its no one else’s business…true enough. Yet with all that is going on economically in this country, most of us are feeling it one way or another. I cannot help thinking if we talked money, maybe we could better share resources in a way that would aid all of us.

Call me crazy but if we talked money, maybe folks would know which banks are better on fees, maybe we wouldn’t feel compelled to grab a coffee or meal when our wallet says a walk would be our better option. In a nation where we talk openly about so many things why are we so hesitant to talk about money in all shapes and forms and specifically when we are struggling? I cannot help but think that the reason previous generations weathered financial storms better is because maybe they were more open to talking money instead of feeling the need to put on airs and graces.

So what say you….do you talk about your financial situation with friends or is secret? If so, why or why not? Just curious.