White Privilege is Real

Its a rare event..2 posts in 1 day but I really didn’t want to sleep on this. By now you may have heard about William Kostric, he’d be that fellow up here in my neck of the woods who decided to come out and protest President Obama’s stop in New Hampshire to talk health-care.  Obviously as the media tells us these town halls meetings have been getting a tad heated with the more conservative side getting down right loopy at times…folks talking about no one wanting their health-care rationed despite the fact that generally in this country, if you cease having a job that offers health insurance or you lose the ability to pay for your medical needs, that your coverage is indeed being rationed already. Yet that is whole other post.

No, Mister Kostric decided that things were not hot enough at these meetings without deciding to bring a little heat with him in the form of a 9 mm gun. Now Kostric was outside and apparently nowhere near Obama and according to Kostric in his chat with Chris Matthews he simply believes we should be armed. Again, I don’t even want to get into that at this time (sorry too tired) but am I the only one thinking had this been a Black man armed at a town-hall meeting even outside with a white president that the armed man might be a dead man? Or at the very least an injured or arrested man?

Look, the fact that Kostric thought it sane to bring a loaded gun to a demonstration is beyond crazy. Shit, all these folks screaming and hollering are starting to look crazy…where the fuck were they when Bush, Cheney and company were using the damned Constitution to wipe their asses? Seriously, for 8 years those fellas took away so many of our rights it wasn’t even funny and to boot, Bush was in charge when the economy started tanking. I’ll be honest I am not 100% happy with Obama, shit considering the mess we are in as a nation he is almost too moderate but he is hardly a Socialist.

I gotta be honest and the main point of my vent tonight is that once again we see white privilege at work…the only reason Kostric is chilling at home and giving interviews is because he is a white man. Now I know a lot of the folks who tend to listen to folks like Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck feel that white folks are getting the shaft in the era of Black man as president, but look when Harvard professors get arrested for not deferring to the police yet a white man shows up at town-hall meeting with the damn president of the United States strapped with a fucking 9 mm on his thigh and gets to spend the evening giving interviews afterwards…we have a long way to go with race relations in this country my friend. Sorry Lou and crew but white folks by and large still have privilege since even being a personal buddy of the president won’t stop you from getting arrested when you are Black.