Reunited…back to Weight Watchers

Don’t ya hate when you make a public declaration about something you feel passionate about, only to have to retract it a few months or years later. Well I am there. Earlier this year I admitted that I was done with Weight Watchers, that after a multi year affair with ole WW, even becoming a lifetime member, I was tired of WW, tired of the faux perkiness, tired of the rule changes and tired of that fucking scale.

After reading Geneen Roth’s book Women, Food, and God I felt inspired to get off the Weight Watcher plan since I really was questioning whether going to the meetings felt healthy to me. I felt at that time that Roth’s assertion that our struggles with food is about deeper emotional and or spiritual issues seemed spot on. Well that was back in January of this year, I have worked on a lot of emotional and spiritual issues, in fact I am in a place I have never been before. Truly embarking on a new journey with my life partner and within myself and keeping myself open to abundance in all areas of my life and knowing that change must be a constant.

So, a girl is feeling happy, sassy, lighter and all that jazz but guess what? I have an extra few pounds that needs to come off. Oh I could live with what is about 14 extra pounds, I won’t die but it’s uncomfortable to me. I love me now, but I will be happy to not be weighted down with these few extra pounds and the truth is I pretty much lost no weight this year. Granted I didn’t gain, but I didn’t lose either. Now I might just be at my natural body weight, and while I don’t want to screw with Mother Nature if that is the case I must lobby hard for a few less pounds of me. Hell, the difference between gaining 5lbs and 14 lbs is that when it was just an extra 5 lbs my clothes were fine now I am at that place where my clothes can only be worn wearing torture devices….oh, they call that shit Spanx. Or go up in size. Bad idea as my money is funny and my change is strange, the last thing I need to be doing is buying a new wardrobe.

What’s a girl to do? Well if this weather would stabilize and get nice I will be walking fool (sorry kids, I loathe the gym) which is always a plus sadly the weather is conspiring against me and my plans. So, off I go to Weight Watchers, for some reason weekly weigh in on someone else’s scale with documentation seems to inspire me. Unlike my own weekly check in at home when I can just tell myself the scale is not right. Some of us need that tough love and I guess for me Weight Watchers provides it.

I will say though that Geneen Roth’s book is still worth a read and still valuable, if there is one thing I got out of the book was to be more intentional about what I am putting in my mouth. In other words is my desire for the lemon bars purely about the lemon bars or am I using lemon bars to cover the fact I am pissed about XYZ. Let’s just say I have been baking a great deal less.

So wish me well as I get ready to go back and be reunited with Weight Watchers….it feels so good!

2 thoughts on “Reunited…back to Weight Watchers”

  1. Fourteen pounds? I wish. However, good for you.

    You seem to be doing better since going to court. I assume everything turned out well for you and your family, good.

    LOL, I too have tried weight watchers. Like many people, I have a few diet books. I am supposed to be reading Dr. Oz’s weight book, procrastination is a bitch. This was supposed to be the summer that I would begin to connect better healthy eating habits with excerise. I am not giving up. Good luck to you.

  2. For me, scales are the devil. I used to obsessively weigh myself like ten times a day. Outside of a doctor’s office I have not been weighed in four years now. My clothes and the mirror are my only guide. When at the doctors office I always close my eyes and ask them not to tell me.

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