Oh hai…I am still here

So it’s Sunday and despite Harold Camping’s prediction it seems the world is still here. I sent my brother a text message yesterday and he didn’t respond, for a moment I thought maybe he had been taken and I was left behind. Then I got a call this morning from my Dad, the retired minister and he is definitely still on planet Earth. Oh well! Methinks ole Harry got it wrong, then again methinks ole Harry was just full of bullshit.

Anyway now that we are moving beyond the world ending, how about all the folks who placed their hopes, dreams and desires into seeing the world end use that energy for good. Imagine if the same cash that had been used to start this ridiculous feeding frenzy had been used to feed, clothe and house those in need. Unfortunately humans are a flawed bunch and we seem to be unable to do good just for the sake of doing good.

Oh well, its just another day here on planet earth. Catch y’all later.