What size do I wear?

Its been a long day so this is going to be a quick one, but damn do I need to vent. For my male readers you may want to skip this since its not for you, but ladies I know y’all can feel me.

Today I finally broke down to do some clothes shopping, I have been putting it off for a while but its getting colder and with a new gig, I needed to add a few pieces to the wardrobe. It was back in late April or so that after two long years on Weight Watchers, that I reached my goal weight which is the weight I used to be about nine years ago. So you think I would know what size I would wear but nothing could be further from the truth.

Somewhere along the line the 8 of yesterday has morphed into a size 6, since when I hit my goal weight I was already wearing 8’s that were getting rather baggy. So in late spring when I bought a few pieces of clothes I was shocked that 6’s were fitting. I admit initially I got a kick out of the new size however at my age I am less concerned about the actual number in my pants and more about how my clothes actually fit.

Well this summer and fall, I have dropped a few more pounds and it seems lo and behold my clothes size has changed once more….this time to a 4. Problem is last time I wore a 4, I was about 20-21. Further more when I roll into places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls there aren’t many 4’s made for grown ass women. Now I know you may be reading this going get the fuck out of here but truth is all the deals is for size 8-10 and maybe some 6’s.

I have tried checking out juniors clothes, um…..no, I am too old to wear most shit that 15 year old girls wear nor do I want to, truth be told. A grown ass woman with an almost adult son should not be wearing the same shit, her son’s girlfriend does, its just not right.

Funny thing is several years ago when a sista was pushing the fuck out of those 14’s, where the fuck was my generous sizing, since when I started needing some 16’s, clothes really got costly. Shit, that and the fact I looked like a chipmunk about the face were my inspirations for getting some order in my life when it came to my weight.

No, I want to know why women can’t have standard sizing like men? Seriously, depending on where I buy my clothes my size seems to change. I got 2 sweaters at Old Navy, they were medium, a tad baggy but I figure if I factor in for shrinkage they will fit properly soon. However I got a sweater from the Limited that was a small and that bitch was loose as a goose on me. Come on now?

Are we women so fucked in the head they have to lie to us? I mean I am old enough to remember when the sizes were different, screw the number!!! Why do the powers to be seem to hold such power over us by designing clothes so we can feel good being some size we aren’t really. Is this why the size 0 is readily sold these days? I remember when 0 was not something you ever saw in the store but now you do.

I mean shit, my shoe size has stayed relatively the same over the years, how come my pants size can’t when I am not actively making it grow?

Ladies, they need to stop fucking with the clothing sizes, really… I just want to know what size do I really wear.

6 thoughts on “What size do I wear?”

  1. 0?


    Is zero for two-dimensional women and double-zero for one-dimensional women? Or Barbie dolls?

    I mean, c’mon, when a size goes down to zero, only animated skeletons and/or ghosts should be able to wear it.

  2. When they added 00 I already KNEW it was crazy. You may have to start looking to online or find a really good tailor.

    Yes sizing is crazy though I HAVE to agree. I was told the more expensive the clothing the more generous they were sizing it. So cheaper clothes tend to run smaller or and more expensive are run bigger. But really who knows!


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