Nope, you are not a speshul snowflake…someone finally said it!

I just stumbled upon this video and can I just say despite the almost snarky tone David McCullough uses, there is a lot of truth in this commencement speech. I say this as a parent and as someone who has learned in this journey we call life that while I am a unique being, I am not always special or exceptional and life has taught me that it’s okay. It’s okay to just be and to even be average, sometimes even being mediocre.

There is nothing worse than learning after a lifetime of having smoke blown up your ass that you are a speshul snowflake that frankly you are just one of billions of other snowflakes. My dear old Pops always told me to the best at whatever I chose to do, and while I have applied that in some areas of my life, frankly there are plenty of areas where I give far less than my best thus making me nothing special and it’s more than fine.

Marinate on what David McCullough says in this video, it was geared towards high school graduates but really we can all grab a nugget in this piece.

4 thoughts on “Nope, you are not a speshul snowflake…someone finally said it!”

  1. I LOVED this speech, and reposted it on Facebook and Twitter. What he’s describing is basically the way I live my life now – that the good life I have is the result of me showing up to my responsibilities and the experiences and people I love, not something I’ve crafted or bought at a store. People in my generation have suffered from special snowflake syndrome, and it’s about time someone started telling us to shove it.

  2. Everyone is absolutely special. That doesn’t mean better. Too often that distinction is lost.

  3. The idea of “find your bliss” is beautiful. But, it’s only part not all of your journey. Sometimes life is hard, and that can be beautiful too, and open doors you never expect.

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