Vulnerability sucks but I’m all about the dreams

This post is one of those posts that’s been just sitting in my head for several days, unsure if it really wants to come out because frankly it makes me vulnerable. I talk a lot about being vulnerable and while there is no shame in being vulnerable the truth is it can be really uncomfortable. I don’t like being uncomfortable but I also know that this space provides me a much larger audience than I have offline so I am just going to put aside some of my pride and be vulnerable. If reaching for a dream makes me vulnerable, so be it.

It’s no secret that I want to attend the Blogher12 conference this year, its close enough to my home that I can get away for a few days. Since I started talking about my desire to attend, I have received some feedback on whether or not it’s worth attending. As I have said before, there is the curiosity piece but as I sat on this post for a few days, I realized I do know why I want to attend. It’s an opportunity to network, to expand my circle and possibly just possibly maybe make a connection that can help turn my manuscript into something more than merely a file on my computer. I know…I am dreaming big!

But the reality is I need help. Right now many bloggers, aspiring bloggers and others in the same boat are all frantically seeking the illusive sponsor to send them on their way and while I have attempted that approach it isn’t for me. I have no desire to be anyone’s brand ambassador; I represent me, plain and simple.

I also know that the interwebz is filled with others asking for help on many levels, and to be honest it gets tiring being asked to assist people online…trust me I know, hence my reluctance to write this piece. I also know though that in order to get help, you need to ask.

So here is the deal, I set up a Chip In fundraiser, located on the right sidebar of the blog, the goal is to raise $898 to cover my conference fee and 2 nights of lodging. I can cover the travel and miscellaneous costs. (As I noted in an earlier post, I did save some cash but really can’t use it all since I need to replenish the BGIM family nest egg)

So what’s in it for you? You will feel good, you also won’t have to worry about me littering this space or any of my digital spaces with smoke up the ass shit about how wonderful the XYZ Company is since they sponsored me. Instead I will tell y’all all about how these conferences really are…if you want, any donation over $25 is eligible for a sweet treat as a thank you. Yes, I will bake for you, nope, I am not even kidding.

Now I admit this is a hard post, but I said, I got it out and here’s hoping the universe provides or simply enough good folks who want to see if this loudmouth can make a dream come true will pitch in. Hey, I believe in the village model of living! Thanks for your support and good thoughts. If you don’t have good thoughts or support, that’s cool too! Just the fact  that you read here is cool with me.

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