Ann Coulter is right…imagine that!

I have a confession to make, I am not a fan of Ann Coulter, and she reminds me of the only friend I have ever lost over political differences who was also a raging Republican and frankly an Ann clone. Ann Coulter says shit that frankly makes me just scrunch my face up, scratch my head and ponder if she hits the spiked go-go juice before she speaks. Seriously Ann Counter, Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin are like the triumvirate of Republican women that just say shit that is completely nonsensical, in many ways they are like my seven year old and my father, they just like to hear their own voices.

So imagine my surprise today when I stumbled across this piece in the Huffington Post of Ann-ism and actually found myself nodding my head in agreement. Ya gotta read the piece and watch the clip. Ann is basically railing against liberal media folks and how quick they are to appear down and comfy with Black folks but really it’s an act.  Now I can’t speak for Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews but I do think that Ann actually hit upon a quiet truth that few really talk about.

In my almost 40 years on this rock, it’s my experience that to be honest most self-professed liberal white folks aren’t nearly as comfortable with people of difference aka the blacks as they would have us to believe. In many cases I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are racist (sorry Ann) but they are not nearly as comfortable with Blacks as they want to believe that they are.  For us unfortunate folks who stumble across these freedom rider types, frankly it is annoying; too much time spent being gushed upon and the slow sick realization that we are being objectified for our difference and not being seen as real humans.  It’s taken me many years but I generally run far the fuck away when I realize I am a liberal project, sorry dude, I can’t be your Blackness tour guide.

Ann is also right when she speaks about Bill Maher’s well known fondness for Black women, too many times a white man or woman thinks that because they have a partner of a different hue that somehow it gives them a special privilege pass. Sorry, it does not, you don’t get an honorary Black card and Bill Maher is still an ass!

Funny thing is no one talks about this stuff, so to hear it coming from someone like Ann Coulter is rather surprising but hey, I guess everyone can have a decent day every now and then.



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  1. I think that most liberals have trouble with black folks who insist on doing things like going to church, having family dinner, watching sports, etc. because so many trendy lefties hate that traditional stuff.

  2. I love this post & agree there needs to be more dicussions. I am part of a group called Race Matters, in West Hartford CT, that meets several times per year (I wish more often) to dicuss race issues. I would like to share your post with the group, I hope that is okay.

  3. Oh, we (black people) talk about it and we talk about it openly. As you know, I live in a place that is very similar to main ideologically. Having been here for eight years and having carefully studied my environment, I’ve come to realize that for [most] white liberals “progressive” causes for them boils down to two things: gays and trees (the environment). But you won’t hear them make nary a comment about race. And if they do, they always want to speak FOR us. The white feminists love talking about “intersectionality” but I’m still trying to figure out what exactly is intersecting with their white privilege. Anyway, as a very progressive person who happens to be black I’ve come to understand that most white liberals are NOT my allies.

    Everyone has a bias, but racism ain’t a bias. It’s power, and it’s a type of power that can only be wielded by white people. Most white liberals are with you until you ask them seriously interrogate their privilege and the ways in which they are complicit with racism. Yes, you can be racist and liberal. These types of questions create too much cognitive dissonance for them, since they are hell bent on believing they are one of the “good people.”

    So, while it’s (way too) easy to deflect and point the finger at conservatives, I like to see what exactly I’m dealing with when I encounter white liberals. Telling me you have black friends, being gay, speaking for me, and voting for Obama are simply not enough to absolve you from white privilege and the racism that comes with it. Sorry.

  4. I think Ann draws very big lines in the sand and this is no exception. It’s a sweeping generalization to say these people play the race card even when they are uncomfortable with black people. Does Chris Matthews go overboard and sensationalize race too much? Even I would say yes, but I think it would be foolish to say it isn’t a factor at all and ignore it. But I can’t explain or even begin to know how this makes Black Americans (especially liberals who watch MSNBC) feel. I just dont know Ann is the great authority on this subject especially since she wrote the book “Godless: The Church of Liberalism.” As a liberal who is Christian & genuinely cares for the welfare of all people, I like to hear about concerns, problems, ideas and solutions in ALL communities, not just my rural dominantly white one. If everyone didn’t care or express the contempt Ann does here for people they were “uncomfortable” around it would make the world a pretty miserable place. Uncomfortable or not I would still prefer to get to know someone different from me to understand their culture and views.

  5. Remember Dems were for segregation before they were against it, ntm their famous KKK connection. Just saying ~your IRL independent friend.

  6. Unlike you, I can’t speak for most white liberals.

    People are people. Everyone has a bias. It’s incredibly natural to be uncomfortable around people who don’t look like you, or people who are different from you. Human nature.

    I am obsessively vocal about race among my brothers and sisters of other hues. I let them know that they represent their race/ ethnicity/ religion to me. So if I have a question about white/ asian/ Mormon/ Jewish/ African/ Muslim/ other … they are it for me. Objectification be damned.
    and yeah Ann Coulter is an insane cunt. But hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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