Caps vs. lowercase; Black and white

chess board in shadowy room (black and white image)

Hiya! This is Jeffrey Bouley. Yeah, you might note the similarity in last name with Shay Stewart-Bouley (a.k.a BGIM or Black Girl in Maine). I’m the back-end support and editor around here, and a verrrrrrry junior partner in this BGIM Media venture (as well as a co-parent, friend and former spouse of BGIM). Normally, I …

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Enemies in the same uniform

Today’s post comes from my co-parent, Jeff Bouley (also known as Deacon Blue online) who has gone through a couple decades of racial education (via dating and marriage and child-rearing with me) and continues the journey not just alone but still by my side a lot of days even though we aren’t a couple anymore. …

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And the ignorant shall lead him (to victory)

Today’s post comes by way of Jeffrey Bouley who, as you might guess from the last name, is my co-parent (and editor of most things BGIM). He went on a bit of a Twitter and Facebook tear in the days immediately following the election, so I figured I’d recruit him to write about white people, …

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