Almost V-day…be sexy for you!

Tis the season for love and romance with Valentine’s Day just mere days away, are you ready? If you are anything like me, past a certain age Valentine’s Day does absolutely not a thing for you. I mean can’t you let me know you love me all the time? Why do we need a “special” day to share that love? Let’s just love each other all the time, though I will say I do appreciate the chocolate covered strawberries that are available on Valentine’s Day.

Seriously though, after the early dating years and first few years of marriage, I told the partner man to not worry about V-Day.  That said I am all about ways to feel sexy and attractive just for the hell of it. When I was younger and not carting around a few extra pounds, a saggy belly and less than perky twins, sexy was more external, sexy meant a sleek outfit and heels. I am in a different place in my life now, for starters, heels make my feet hurt, and if I want to look sleek I need either a corset or my nemesis otherwise known as Spanx. No, sexy at this stage in my life starts with me and is less about being sexy to anyone other than me. Granted a sexy state of mind will generally radiate outward regardless of what one is wearing. We all know that gal who is sexy and we can’t figure it out. She is walking around in old Danskos and faded yoga pants but something about her makes us want to have a girl crush on her.

So while a positive state of mind can lead to sexy, there are a few other things I like to use when I want to be sexy. Remember learning about kegels when you were pregnant? If you were anything like me, you probably learned about kegels and promptly forgot about them too. Of course a few years after the kiddos arrival you find yourself wishing you had paid attention and learned those kegels. Well, have no fear, it’s not too late.  You can tighten up below and add a little spark in your daily walking around by using ben wa balls or even jade eggs. EdenFantasys, my favorite place when I am in the need of some adult toys for my personal toy box carries ben wa balls.  The beauty of ben wa balls is you can strengthen your vaginal muscles and make yourself smile; if you are feeling really bold, you can head out for the day with ben wa balls in place and leave everyone wondering why you have a big smile on your face. Kids making a mess, no worries!

I admit this probably sounds racy or even a tad strange, but seriously stuff like this which I do strictly for myself, makes me feel good and when I am feeling good, damn it, I am sexy. So sure maybe you want to do something for that special someone in your life on Valentine’s Day but how about doing something for you?

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