Technical Difficulties

Sorry no new post today, my beloved workhorse computer looks like it is officially in hospice care. Thankfully my employer recently got me a snazzy new laptop that while I prefer to only use it for work stuff will have to be used for personal stuff until I see if the computer doctor can yet again repair my beloved 4 year old laptop that already has survived one nasty virus late last summer.

So posting might be a tad sparse this week while I try to move stuff off of my personal computer in the event my beloved Compaq passes away suddenly into the loving arms of the computer God and heaven I won’t be shit out of luck with years worth of my files gone.

Besides summer has arrived go do something fun and enjoy the weather and if all else fails today is Hump Day, unplug and have some fun with your loved one. Don’t have a loved one, self humping is cool too.

Until we meet again, ciao!

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