Technical Difficulties

Sorry no new post today, my beloved workhorse computer looks like it is officially in hospice care. Thankfully my employer recently got me a snazzy new laptop that while I prefer to only use it for work stuff will have to be used for personal stuff until I see if the computer doctor can yet again repair my beloved 4 year old laptop that already has survived one nasty virus late last summer.

So posting might be a tad sparse this week while I try to move stuff off of my personal computer in the event my beloved Compaq passes away suddenly into the loving arms of the computer God and heaven I won’t be shit out of luck with years worth of my files gone.

Besides summer has arrived go do something fun and enjoy the weather and if all else fails today is Hump Day, unplug and have some fun with your loved one. Don’t have a loved one, self humping is cool too.

Until we meet again, ciao!

The computer beg-a-thon continues

Dear Lovely Readers,

I hate to do this to you, after all in these hard times money is tight. But the computer beg-a-thon was slated to end tomorrow however as I have only raised 18% of what I need to purchase a new computer, the beg-a-thon must go on. If you are a regular reader, you know my computer is limping on its last leg thanks to a virus that left my beloved laptop weak and almost powerless. If you are a regular reader of this blog or my work for the Portland Phoenix, please consider making a contribution so I can get back to work and not have to toggle between my busted laptop and the family netbook.

Unlike many bloggers, I have no ads on my blog nor do I have a regular donate button on this blog. Not that there is anything wrong with those things but it’s not for me. However if you do like what you read here please consider supporting the beg-a-thon so that one of the few writers of color in Maine can keep writing. Click here to support the beg-a-thon


The Black Girl in Maine

Computer Beg-a-thon Needs You!

OK, I have realized that quite of few of my regular readers were definitely put off by my recent announcement of the BGIM computer beg-a-thon in the wake of my workhorse computer catching a nasty virus that turned it from a machine I can work on to basically being able to only surf the web with. Even that is janky at times.

I understand that here in America, talk of money or lack thereof is viewed as tacky and frankly makes folks feel uncomfortable and that most certainly was not my intent. On the other hand, I like to think if you are a regular reader, well we are friends and well friends share the things that are going on in each others’ lives and might even say can ya help a homie out!

In a little over two years, I have built up a comfortable readership and loved interacting with those who take the time to either email, comment on the blog or follow me on Twitter. I have actually even had the chance to meet a few of ya’ll in real life and there are definitely a few more than I hope to meet in the near future. You guys rock!

Which is why when I realized that my computer was fucked, I thought I would take the bold move of running an online beg-a-thon to see if anyone could or would help out. I chose to make my blog’s home here at WordPress because I think they run a lovely user friendly operation, also rarely do you see ads. In fact I can’t have ads and frankly that is fine by me. In the blog world, its big business to monetize your blog and sure I’d like to earn a few extra shekels…who wouldn’t? But the fact is I blog because I enjoy it and I am just into it for the fun of it. I’m a big mouth who likes to talk and the blog affords me that opportunity.

However it does mean that since I work in the non-profit sector, am married to a freelance writer, got a kid in college and am not monetizing this blog, when stuff happens like my laptop dies…well I need a little help from my friends. (or in this case readers, though real life friends who want to donate to the cause, please do…I’ll bake my famous banana chocolate chip muffins for you)

I am not the first blogger to pass the hat around and I won’t be the last but in light of the fact that while the beg-a-thon started off good, it seems to have fizzled but my need for a computer has not. So while I don’t want to turn off any readers, I do want to say that hey, if you got a few bucks to spare, think of me. 🙂

PS: While I would like to move away from PC’s based off my incredibly bad luck with them (4PC’s…3 of them laptops in the past 8 years) I am not married to the idea of a Mac, its just my first choice, though at the this point a good dependable laptop is my priority. The reason that I am adding this is I have had several folks contact me on why I want a Mac rather than a PC since PC’s are cheaper. Also while Linux may be groovy, after doing some research, I think I am not quite tech savvy enough to be messing with Linux, so while using Linux would be the cheapest option, I know my limitations.