Summer, summer, summer time!

Summer is here! Hooray! After a winter and spring that seemed to drag on summer has finally arrived! With summer’s arrival, I have decided it’s a great time to go on a social media diet. However true to my personality I know if I restrict myself, it just won’t happen. I don’t do well with absolutes or ultimatums even when I am the one issuing them, instead preferring to live in the land of gray, because life is rarely black and white.

While summer is most certainly a reason to turn off the computer and soak up the sun, I must admit summer’s arrival is not the only reason for thinking it’s time to restrict my use of social media. This past weekend, I had a few exchanges on twitter that frankly were not healthy and let me thinking that while social media can add so much to our lives (thanks to a fellow tweep, my shingles just got fixed for a fraction of the price I thought I was going to have to pay) it can in some cases take away and at times become a distraction to our daily lives.

A few days ago after my rather disturbing encounter on twitter with someone I thought I knew, a real life friend and I talked about the situation and we both had several revelations. To quote my buddy, twitter is like sugar, the more you have it, the more you want it and as we all know too much sugar is just not a healthy thing. Or as I found myself thinking, especially as a blogger and someone who uses twitter heavily, it makes up think we have connections that in some cases we really don’t have.

So while I fully intend to keep posting and most likely tweeting, don’t be surprised if there are days I am silent. The Spousal Unit and I are thinking of instituting a no social media policy on weekends, as a way to stay focused and grounded in the moment. Too often I am guilty of grabbing my phone or iPad and getting lost and frankly I want to get lost in the man.

Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Summer, summer, summer time!”

  1. We have a no computer/TV policy on Saturdays and I love it. It’s good to disconnect regularly. I think a social-media free weekend is a great idea. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m on a bit of a break myself. I lurk still, but every day I don’t interact myself the lurking gets less and less interesting.

    I’m not sure I can do “just some” Twitter or not. I get pretty consumed.

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