5 years

My baby girl is turning 5 in a few short hours. I am not prone to sappy Mama type posts since on some level I don’t do sappy, more like sassy. But as I get ready to celebrate 5 years of this beautiful girl’s life I realized while I love her and wouldn’t trade her for anything, she has tested me as a human.  But not all tests are bad in fact in many cases they can help us grow.

When I was pregnant with her I dreamed that she’d be a child similar in temperament to college boy, in other words laid back. In my mind I saw us doing sweet activities together, sharing hugs and kisses on the couch, creating projects and so on. Well, that’s not the kid I got, rarely is there a drama free day without one of us raising our voice or breaking down in tears, she taxes me to my very core and pretty much all the parenting advice I have ran across when it comes to my girl makes for great toilet paper. She marches to her own beat and in learning to parent the child I have rather than the one I wanted I am more secure now as an adult marching to my own beat.

Happy Birthday kidlet! Thank you for choosing me as your mother to guide you on planet earth!

3 thoughts on “5 years”

  1. Sounds like a lot of the same. Meaning you girls are probably more similar than not. Enjoy your time they grow soooo fast. My daughter will be 12 on August 5 and she now looks me directly in the eyes. My last of 3. Good luck, I know I need it.

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