Life on auto pilot

The weather has cooled down but I have not been able to jump back into this blog, life right now is crazy. If you are a regular reader you know recently I was looking at my Dad possibly becoming homeless. Well he is technically homeless now but my brother is putting him up but on the bright side he is getting his extended unemployment benefits. What a shame the cash couldn’t arrive before he was turned out onto the streets. Talks are still underway to make Maine my Dad’s new home since living close to me would be the ideal situation. However there are many details to work out.

Add to my stressors  my day job where I am running a school supply drive to assist community kids. This type of endeavor normally requires more than the 4 weeks total I have to make it happen but it will get done. Never mind that while I have landed several new grant funders each one comes with their own requirements and believe me some of them are enough to make me scream. Don’t get me wrong I am thankful that my little agency is growing ever since I took the helm as director almost 2 years ago but turns out being the boss ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Throw in the fact that in 20 days my son starts college and then a few short weeks later the kidlet starts school and well you have a sista who is living on autopilot. Today’s post is more for me to let it out as opposed to saying something witty and entertaining but if you are wondering why this space is quieter than normal it’s because I am juggling a whole lotta balls in the air and trying not to drop em. Now excuse me while I sip on this chardonnay before I go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Life on auto pilot”

  1. This is only my thoughts…
    I always wondered why most daughters are the ones who usually take care of their parents and the sons usually have less reponsibility. Yes, I know women are usually the care givers.

    I work with a woman who has her Ph. D. and her sister is a lawyer and their brother works with computers and their parents (decease) were high school Principals. The daughters lived with their mother and they never married. But, the brother not only married he had children. How sad is that? They lived for their mother and never had their own social life that involved being married. Sometimes when I see Doc on campus I sometimes think what a great wife she would have made some man. As she told me that ship (getting married) has sailed. I think she is in her forties and her ship has sailed? I understand the older a woman becomes the harder it is to find a quality man on her level.

    I have a friend in Canada and every weekend he takes his elderly mother grocery shopping, or to the beauty salon, this guy is one of four sibblings and they all seem to take very good care of their mother. LOL, I think am envious of an elderly woman?

    I believe that old saying, “It is not over til it is over”. Hang in there, because this too shall past. Just do the best you can by your father and you will never regret it.

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