What about the kids?

Apparently no one told Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace down in Louisiana that its 2009 and that folks of different races have the legal right to get married. Seems an interracial couple went to get a marriage license and this lovely man told them no can do. It seems in his view such unions don’t last and well the kids are not accepted by anyone. By the way, all the news account I have read about Bardwell state that he is not a racist, hell he even lets Negroes use his toilet.  Nice to know should I ever darken his doorstep with a hot case of the runs, he will let a sista use his can….mighty nice of him. I wonder if I could drink from his cups too?

Obviously as a Black woman partnered to a man who last time I checked was white this story felt a little personal, especially because many years ago I heard similar arguments against interracial unions from members of my own family. Hell, I got family members so anti-white that the last time I went to a family reunion, a fair number of folks didn’t talk to me. Saw some of these same assholes when my Momma died and only my Mom’s spirit kept me from cussing em out but that’s another story.

Yes, Bardwell is an ass and hopefully this couple will go on to marry and grow old and gray together. Though its funny because the longer I stay married (12 years in a few weeks) I have wondered what does become of interracial couples? I mean you can find all sorts of tidbits about interracial dating, etc but I rarely see any media coverage about interracial couples married 20-30 years…I suspect there are lots of reasons for that. The reason’s range from it wasn’t until more recent years folks started marrying across racial lines in greater numbers though I suspect a bigger reason is that at a certain point you are just a couple.

Seriously, the Spousal Unit is white, I am Black but we are at the stage in life that race doesn’t phase me. He is just the man I married and like on most days. I spend more time thinking about life, not race.  Hell I don’t even think race factored into why me and the first Spousal Unit split up, more that we were too damn young to have gotten married in the first place.

As for the kids, what about the kids? Yes, biracial kids sometimes catch flack from others but not always and I think among the youth today its almost considered cool to be biracial. As a buddy mentioned to me my son most certainly doesn’t suffer from a lack of friends male or female. I think the only time biracial kids have real issues is when they have no one to talk to them about their roots. I think when kids are connected to their historical roots as well as community, it creates a safe space for them.

Nah, sorry but Bardwell’s arguments are steeped in pure old fashioned racism. That’s ok though see once upon a time a jackass like Bardwell could do this shit and no one would know but now???? Hell, lil ole me up here in Maine is adding my two cents. Hopefully the unemployment line is going to feel real good to Bardwell after this move.