Finding our truth, honoring our voice

Six months ago, I took what for me was a bold step and decided to take part in a women’s circle, considering the state of my finances it felt not only luxurious but silly. Yet the past six months have been a whirlwind, being in the company of other women, many grappling with similar issues has encouraged me to look deep into my being and not fear the truth.

I won’t lie, the process has been rocky and downright scary at times yet I feel like I have emerged from this process with a new lease on life. That said, I know that many of the decisions and truths that I have given voice to, will not always make others comfortable. The funny thing about being an adult is at a certain point you have to walk your path, not someone else’s. Some of these truths I cannot even share outside a few select folks at least at this time, yet knowing that I have given voice to them and acknowledged them makes it alright for me.

It’s hard to walk away from the expectations of others but if those expectations do not bring us comfort, we must forge our own new path. Don’t fear change my friends.