Hotter than Hot, what makes me hot

Not sure about you but it is sure is hot in my little corner of the world. It would appear that July has arrived and with it, some damn uncomfortable heat. Add in a super busy work schedule and dealing with the trials and tribulations of going bankrupt, plus all the other minutia and well it’s enough to make a Black Girl in Maine just not have the time to write a proper blog post.

This week is crazy but I will have to say the news is filled with all types of things that are really making me quite hot! For starters, ole Dom aka Dominique Strauss-Khan is free on bail, no restrictions. It seems the case is falling apart, turns out the victim is not the pure wholesome type of woman that the powers to be, deem worthy of needing protection for predatory louses like Strauss-Khan who many say never learned the preschool lesson of keeping his mitts to himself. So what the victim may or may not have told a few half truths or even out and out lies, frankly she could have been a sex worker and if she said no to Khan’s advances, guess what? No means no and if he continues it’s a crime plain and simple.

Yet the reality is in America only certain women are considered worthy of protection and frankly, if you are poor, non-white, come from a less than ideal background, our culture finds ways to take away your personhood plain and simple.

This leads to the next hot story, Casey Anthony, found not guilty of murdering her own child! Look, as far as I am concerned this is the new millennium OJ Simpson case plain and simple. The jury found her not guilty only because the rule of law requires that guilt be proved beyond a reasonable doubt and well the jury couldn’t do that. But nothing in that woman’s actions leads me to believe her to be anything but guilty. I suspect had Casey been a less attractive woman or a non white woman, her ass would have been found guilty. Fuck having an American Express card; in America, white and attractiveness can still take you places.

So these are just a few things that are working to make me hot, the next few days will be quiet around here as I settle into my summer work schedule. Also trying to fit in quality time with my college kid, in fact we are hitting a Sade/John Legend concert (have no fear, I am frugal, the tickets were gifted to me) so this is a week I need to be spend being off line, though I can always be found on twitter if you miss me. Catch ya soon!

No, not a simple housekeeper…a brave woman!

Most of us working stiffs have always known that the rich and the powerful often have a different set of standards than the rest of us. Every class has its own rules but there are times when one is so intoxicated on their personal power that they do something that that despite their wealth and their power will lead to their downfall. That appears to be the case with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to be the director of the IMF is to be in one of the most powerful positions in global finance. Apparently when one is in such a position sometimes its hard to understand simple rules learned in early childhood that no means no and yes means yes.

Tis the case for Mr. Strauss-Kahn who decided that while staying in a ritzy New York hotel to go beyond doing what us mere plebian’s would do if we were going to push the boundaries and perhaps and take home the extra shampoos or maybe even snag the fluffy robe for our home use. No, he decided to cross lines that should never be crossed and as a powerful man decided when the hotel housekeeper entered his room, he apparently felt it was right to take what he wanted. In this case, taking what he wanted involved sexually assaulting the housekeeper.

It appears from reports that ole Dom (can we call him that?) has a history of not knowing when to keep his hands to himself. Dom is French and to be honest the French tend to look at sexual matters a bit differently than us uptight Americans. However based off what has been reported it seems it was no secret that Dom is a dirty bastard, yet what he did to the housekeeper goes beyond the pale. I like to believe though there are times when the American justice system works and perhaps this will be one of those times.

However this morning while reading the paper, I came across this piece where it seems Dom’s legal eagles may try to suggest that the housekeeper had consensual sex with old Dom. Really? Sure she had a fantasy to be dressed in a maid suit, and taken by force by a wealthy old white guy? Come now, that reads like starter fetish fantasy literature but I doubt that story is going to fly with a jury.

No, sadly the truth as spoken by the victim’s own attorney is “She is a simple housekeeper who was going into a room to clean a room.” I am sure the victim’s attorney was not trying to denigrate his client but that simple sentence explains why we are even discussing this. This woman was viewed as a simple housekeeper, in other words a voiceless disposable human, after all unlike Dom who is a major player in the world; the victim is just a simple housekeeper.

Well I say this woman is a brave woman, a very brave woman, she may not have known who Dom was with regards to his position in the world but she knew he was a depraved soul who tried to steal her essence. Clearly working at this hotel, and staying in this room reportedly valued at $3000 a night, I suspect she knew he wasn’t exactly Charlie the used car salesman. Yet after this heinous crime was committed she bravely reported it and that means she is a brave, a very brave woman. Other press accounts describe her as an immigrant from Guinea, a widow and a mother, again far more than a simple housekeeper. Yet we live in a world where it is easy to dismiss people if they do not have status and we cannot allow that to be.

So Dom, hope you like your new temporary digs on Rikers Island and if we are lucky American justice will serve you up some valuable lessons on the important of keeping your hands to yourself. Hey, maybe you can eventually get a cellmate who also believes in taking what he likes, wouldn’t that be sweet justice? As for the victim, I hope she is able to reclaim her life and rebuild and get the help and support she needs to deal with this ordeal.