Where are the words?

I typically start the weekdays out working from home (the one real perk of my job) and then later head into my office. But with a large community event tonight, it means my usual work schedule is out the window so I am taking this day in reverse and relaxing now since this evening I will be standing out in the cold with a gaggle of joyful singers trying not to freeze.

As a result of my upside down day, I figured I would take things slow with a steaming bowl of oatmeal and my mug of coffee and catch up on some blog reading.  I would read a book but since I can’t afford to get sucked into a full length book, I figured reading some blogs would fill my craving for the written word this morning.

The only problem is everywhere I turned this morning, I couldn’t find many words. Oh, I found some gorgeous pictures and amazing eye porn, but damn it! Where are the words? While I am not quite an old head at this blogging game, with four years under my belt, I have noticed a shift, gone are the luxuriously long posts where I felt like I was getting a snapshot of someone else’s world. Oh, I know the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” but can I just say that I miss words, all 1000 of them. Hell, in my dreams I fancy myself as wordsmith, so I will even take 2000 words.

Anyhoo, can I put in a request to my fellow bloggers and aspiring bloggers, can we get a few more words? I know y’all take amazing pictures (I envy you photographer types, I really do…hell, even my phone photos look like crap) but I am missing the old days when I could sit down and read your tales.

On that note, I am always looking for a few good reads, so if you know of any must read blogs, send me a link.

Have a happy Friday!