Blame it on the darkies

It’s Saturday night at the local mall, like all malls there is a pseudo swank jewelry store selling diamonds, gold and other treats. It’s no Tiffany’s but for the area it fits the bill. So you are working at this shop which is located in a fairly homogenous area where there aren’t a great deal of people of color. What walks in? Three Black people!

Let’s see the first fella is 6’7 and about 220lbs and he has bad teeth. His male companion is a nondescript cat who is about 5’10 and the female companion has yellow-orange hair that is up in a ponytail and oh she has large mole on the side of her face. Damn, this motley trio sounds rather unattractive and I know you are thinking damn BGIM, where are you going with this. Just sit tight readers.

So the motley three walks in and apparently the staff at this establishment  did not wish to appear racist despite the fact these three were rather curious looking individuals. So instead of doing their fucking jobs and keeping an eye on the joint, the staff allowed two of the crew to distract them while a third popped open the jewel cases, all the while the staff was oblivious that they were being robbed. It was only after the trio left that they realized they had been robbed, but darn it the store has no cameras so we have no photos just the amazing memories of the folks who work there. Who lets face it, they stood there and allowed the joint to get robbed.

Shit sounds like a bad skit but its true, here’s the link to the local story. I nearly fell out my seat when I read this story since I am Black and I have been jewelry shopping and lets just say even as middle class college educated Black person there are certain stores where it seems the staff is trained to keep all eyes on you. Look, these folks if they exist and let me say that again if they exist, walked in a jewelry store looking like  bad stereotypes and looted the place but no one saw a damn thing. Yeah right, tell that to someone who was born last night.

No, my money is on the fact that  this is an inside job after all do the clerks at these places really make a lot of money? Last I heard the jewelry industry is not what it used to be with times tough and maybe someone needed some extra cash. So somebody planned the heist knowing there are no cameras to capture the event and hey when in doubt and you need a villain, pin it on the Black folks. Hell go for the gold, not just one darkie, get three and as a nod to the fact they are not all violent we will make them gentler robbers. No mere brutes, they use their charm to distract the staff and get the goods.

Nope, not buying it and until you show me 3 Black folks matching those descriptions and either there is iron clad evidence or they confess. I say this is a case of blame the darkie. We all recall how in the last two decades we have seen a rise in crimes where upstanding white folks blame shit on the Black bogeyman. He stole my kids, he killed my wife, etc.

Look on behalf of my Black brothas and sistas who are upstanding citizens I say please stop blaming invisible Black folks for come no one ever blames a Chinese fella or the guy from Eastern Europe?.

Screw Mister Charlie..his thoughts don’t matter

Once again, I am reminded of the diversity that exists within the Black community. In one of the online communities that I go to, where I can engage with holistically minded sistern, the issue was brought up of some of the new Black comedy shows. I should mention that I rarely see any tv shows in their entirety instead generally watching snippets of shows on You Tube or some other online venue. Anyhoo, both D.L. Hughley and David Allan Grier have new shows, I haven’t caught Grier’s show but I have caught some snippets of Hughley’s  show on CNN.

My initial impression was it was funny, but nothing too deep, after all Hughley ain’t a Dave Chappelle or Paul Mooney, but it was ok shit in my two cent opinion. Well it seems there are a lot of Black folks who were appalled at the stereotypes they saw, example being the pimp Freddie Mac…personally Freddie Mac was a pimp in my opinion but that’s another whole story.

So the Black folks didn’t like the stereotyping, but in my online group, it was revealed that while some did find the skits funny in both Hughley and Grier’s shows, they didn’t feel it was appropriate for these shows to air in mixed race company. Wait, come again? So white folks shouldn’t watch this shit?  Seems that when we have Black shows that air and show how some Black folks (not all Black folks) talk/act its not ok to show that…well I call bullshit on that.  Yes, there are white folks who might see a Black show and then try to walk up to a Black person and connect based on that show, but I am sorry, having a resident white guy, I call a spouse, most white folks of reasonable intelligence know they can’t do and say everything we do.

Look, when my family comes to visit, the n-word gets used a lot, I said it before my Pops grew up with it and he ain’t stopping now. He has not had his Paul Mooney moment and decision to stop using it, so when he’s here, we roll with it. Never in 13 years has my husband ever thought it good to say “Hey, Rev Nigger” to my Dad or “Hey junior Nigger” to my brother.  When I reach that angry point when the southside of Chicago starts coming out in my speech, the spousal unit knows to accept it but not to talk like me.

See, I give all these examples as proof that white folks do have common sense, just like I know after watching some Jeff Foxworthy, not to assume all white folks is rednecks….

No, what this line of thinking says to me is many of us are still trapped in that place where we are too concerned with what Mister Charlie thinks of us, still trying to get white approval. Truth is, I used to live at that address too, but something about getting older, I am not in the least bit concerned about white folks and what they think. Truth is if some of them think we are niggers, they are gonna think that whether some cat is on the tube shuckin and jiving.

Really, we need look no further than this election season and the bigoted white folks we have seen who refuse to see Barack Obama’s humanity, instead he is simply a nigger because his skin is brown. Obama is the embodiment of America and her dreams, proof that with hard work you too can get ahead. Yet for some regardless of his credentials, he is considered a nigger.

Sorry, but that lets me know I need not worry myself over what Mister Charlie thinks, instead focus on myself and what I think, Shit, Mister Charlie needs to be more worried about what I think about him.