What do you do?

So last night was a gorgeous night, the weather was lovely so I had the windows up in my bedroom. The girl child decided she wanted to watch a flick with Papa and let me have my time to chill alone in my room. If you are a parent, you can appreciate having time at night to lay in bed and read or as I decided to watch some mindless tv.

So ten minutes into channel surfing and enjoying the lovely breeze coming into my room,I start hearing raised voices. At first I figure it was some of the neighborhood teens walking down our street and continued my search for a decent show (100+ channels, how come there is never anything to watch) when I realize I recognize the voices. The voices are coming from my neighbors, a couple probably in their early 50’s…a couple that seems like the perfect neighbors. They bought their house a few months after we bought ours and turned  an eyesore into a gleaming jewel…these are the neighbors who often plow my driveway in the winter without me asking me. They always are quick to offer assistance and while I don’t know them well, always seem nice enough.

Well what I was hearing wasn’t nice at all, I was hearing a lot of swearing and that’s when I realized it was serious, when I heard the missus tell the mister why didn’t he have a heart…it seemed she was crying. Then I heard enough to grasp that their sex life was not so good in fact based off what I heard sounds non-existent. I am going to be honest, I could not tell if he was hitting her but if he wasn’t based off what I was hearing it sounded like he was damn close.

Now a few years ago, they had a large argument that ended with her running out the house yelling leave me alone…yet in at least two years I had not heard anything else. I must be honest part of me feels like a wimp because I didn’t do anything, on the other hand while the conversation was clearly verbally abusive, I couldn’t see if there was any physical happenings.

I woke up this morning and saw neighbor-man in the yard as usual but I have not seen the missus….and I am wondering what should I do? So if you thought your neighbors had an abusive relationship, what would you do? Or do you do nothing? Your thoughts are appreciated.