Where are your manners?

With the arrival of spring, I find myself craving…no needing more human interaction. In other words its time to get off the computer and get out and enjoy hanging out with friends and associates while enjoying fresh air. Winter seems to drag on forever here in Maine so over the years I have really come to look forward to the arrival of spring.

However as I have been catching up with real life folks, I have noticed an increase in lack of manners to the point, it almost makes me want to stay on my computer. For starters and I love my gadgets and technology as much as the next person (nope, just not a Luddite) but since when has it become the norm for folks to engage in full on cell phone discussions while hanging out with someone?

No, I am not talking taking a call for work or checking in with the babysitter or even ones significant other. I’m talking I’m hanging with someone and their cell goes off and rather than saying “Hey, I am out with Black Girl, let me call you later” The person proceeds to have a full on discussion and doesn’t seem to get why I get a scowl on my face.

Look, you called me and wanted to hang…I know I may not be the most exciting person but damn to just yak all over the place is plain fucking rude. I also have buddies that will call me from wherever they are, look I am glad you wanted to chat but maybe the line at the coffeehouse is a bad idea. I know the folks around you probably wish you would get off the phone and shut the fuck up. I suspect this is why I have seen more signs in local coffeehouses telling folks to not use cell phones while they are in line.

Damn, you would think that is common sense.

Other rude things I have observed, look after a fabulous meal, it sucks to have food particles stuck in your teeth but please don’t whip out your floss and start flossing at the table, that shit is nasty and yes this has happened to me. I actually used to work with a guy a few years ago who did this at the lunch table and I know a few others who engage in this habit. I’m sorry but folks digging in their mouths almost makes me want to hurl up my food. There is a room called the bathroom and in this room they have these things called sinks, that is a great place for cleaning ones teeth. Plus these folks never seem to wash their hands immediately after digging in their teeth, just one more reason I hate shaking anyone hands.

Next up folks who browbeat waitresses, look I worked as a waitress many years ago while in college so I know while it can pay decent cash its also an extremely hard job. As a rule I always tip and tip well and generally try to be nice as hell to the waitron, its a shitty job even at an upscale place. So I really hate dining out with folks who feel the need to get all hoity toity with the waitress and ask a million and two questions, especially ones that can be answered by READING the menu. Plus please don’t eat half your food and then start complaining and expect it to be free, that bugs the shit out of me. Yes, if the meal is fucked up by all means send that shit back but eating half the plate then complaining is just wrong.

So yeah, while I am happy to be getting out and about its official I am becoming an old lady…where have our manners gone?