Tax man cometh…are you ready?

April 15 is as day that I never forget, in part because in the 7 years that we have been in Maine, the Spousal Unit has been self-employed. What that means practically is we pay taxes, even in a tight year as 2008 was, that pesky self-employment tax still costs us more than we would have liked. Of course and since I am an open book to some degree, my major issues are not so much that the tax man wants his money, its that for several years now, I have not always had the tax mans money by April 15. So as you can imagine that creates a tad bit of anxiety around my camp. Sad to say this year is no exception. The tax man’s calendar and mine simply are not the same. However as I am not alone, I will pass on this piece of advice learned from the school of hard knocks, if you don’t have the cash, please don’t decide to not file your taxes, it costs a whole lot more to not file and not pay then it does when you file and don’t have the cash.

So the tax man is coming are you ready?