Taking care of Mama

How come when you are trying to abstain from things…say spending money, temptation lurks everywhere. Now being that I am in super frugal mode, I have my budget planned out between now and summer..no joke. I have to watch what I do otherwise I can very easily get off track. I have already had a few bad days this month, but taking the girl child out on a Mama-daughter day to the Children’s Museum was worth blowing the budget. Plus that weekend trip last weekend to the local farm for Maple Syrup Sunday here in Maine when the first sap of the season starts running and you get the best maple syrup around also hit the wallet hard. Of course had I not gone on a spending spree at the farm store it would not have been a bad visit. (note to self: farm stores are designed to make you spend money)

However today a buddy of mine sent me email that now I wish I had not opened, a chance to go on a yoga retreat in the Berkshires and its all women of color. Check thisout. A weekend of yoga, African dance, and sista fellowship. Look, I live in Maine, land of not too many Black women and a chance to fellowship with healthy living Black women sounds like paradise, plus that would be 2 days sans the child and Spousal Unit and access to a whirlpool too. If you are the mother of a small child reading this, tell me this does not sound good?

It seems we can get a discount that makes the price not too bad and if I carpool with my girl, that will really keep the cost down. Problem is that $400 is not really in my budget, truth is I do have a raise starting soon, so technically I can make it happen but as a responsible Mama and wife I keep thinking just say no.

I have to be honest though I am about 70% sure that I am going, see as much as I am thinking that no its not in the budget, its starting to hit me that as the young folks say, I need to do me. My poor body aches due to a bad bed (by the way, some things have come to pass and a new bed will be here shortly…turned out a recently divorced friend has the fairly new bed from her former marriage and her new partner refuses to sleep on it..my gain) , both my office chair at home and work suck so generally speaking I am a ball of knots.

I keep thinking its a sign that mini-me aka girl child now is ok hanging with Daddy to the point that I think she will be fine if I am gone 2 days and if she isn’t its close enough for me to get back quickly. It hit me this evening though that its time to take care of me and while I do it often in small ways sometimes it needs to happen in large ways. I don’t know if I can afford to go home to Chicago soon, but this getaway is affordable and realistic compared to a trip home.

Yes, that $400 could be put to good use but living in a 100+ year old house there is always going to be something to do here. So I share my story to say sometimes it feels good to look out for the big Kahuna in this case, that would be me. Too often as women and Mamas we give and give until we have nothing left and lately I feel my spirit telling me I need a break.

That said, guess I may have to wait on that lovely sewing machine I looked at today, but that’s a story for another post.

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  1. I know my comment is late, but I have to say this…I’m jealous!

    I know that sometimes life overwhelms you, but your life in Maine sounds wonderful. Take care of yourself. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the support. Its still up in the air whether or not I will be able to attend since having just done our taxes, the bill is higher than I expected and the gubment is not an entity I want to play with since I already have personal relationship with them. That said, I must admit I am looking and at any every way to make this happen.

    Those who know me personally know that I have sacrificed a lot financially since moving to Maine and truth is my tank is running on empty.

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