Just tired

Today is one of those days that I really don’t have much to say, I am just tired…tired of everything. No, I am not depressed or getting ready to whack myself off but sometimes it seems like why the fuck do I try so hard?

Yesterday I wrote about the situation at work which has me feeling a tad down, since I took this gig I have busted my ass and truthfully I don’t earn much considering my background. Yet one of the best rewards comes from the simple things like kids giving me a hug when they come to the center or this weekend I ran into a few of the kids while out with the family and it was all good.

No, I am talking about being tired of living in a world that does not give a damn about folks who do work that adds real value to society, folks like: teachers, social workers, CNA’s, cops and the list goes on. Some of these positions require a fair amount of schooling yet you end up in debt, possibly living paycheck to paycheck just to make a difference.

Instead as a society we have decided to elevate folks who earn tons of money, one only has to turn on the idiot box and  look at the variety of shows to see what we value. Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Housewives of Insert Swank Town, Biggest Loser, and the list goes on and on.

How come there is no show about real housewives? You know folks living on one check who make ends meet while raising kids? Or who wants to be a social worker? My guess is its just not glamorous enough, after all who wants to see a show about folks with advanced degrees who are in their 30’s earning some $28,000 who often swipe a few cans of food from work to make ends meet until payday? Yeah, that was actually a co-worker of mine back in Chicago many years ago.

Only social workers or non-profit folks I have ever known who were not necessarily struggling either came from family money which allowed them to do good works or they were married or partnered to someone with a good job. Otherwise most weren’t much better off than the clients they served.

I’m tired of living in a world where we are all ecouraged to be all we can with the assumption that we will end up with lots of material goods or material comfort all under the guise of empowerment. What about realizing that we can’t all be rich or even at the top of the middle class ladder. After all if we were all rich, who would do the tasks that the rich like to farm out? I mean I doubt a millionaire nanny would want to watch another millionaires kids…know what I mean?

How about valuing that everyone has something to offer and realizing that all humans are worthy of creature comforts like housing, food and healthcare? That to level the playing field does not mean helping out slackers but actually works for the good of us all.

I don’t know, I am almost at a point of thinking of taking a hiatus from current events, seems I am getting madder and and madder each day. Just today I was reading the letter from the guy at AIG who quit and is going to give away his bonus. I admit his story if true offers a different perspective but still offering to work for a buck for a year all the while knowing you are getting a million dollar bonus (or about 750K after taxes) still doesn’t make my heart break. Gee, it must be hard planning to live off a mere 750K for one year….maybe he should switch places with me. He might have a new appreciation for that mere 750K.

So its Wednesday, hump day, have a good day and here’s hoping my mood changes.