Sprucing Up the Joint

Happy Hump Day folks! I think today I will pass on sharing any deep thoughts but did want to acknowledge that I have done some housekeeping around the blog. Gone are the Blog Her ads, my relationship with the Blog Her network was a mismatch and we said our goodbyes. Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side then you realize you were looking at it from the wrong angle.

I changed the template a bit to brighten up things, also my eyes told me they needed something brighter….that pesky aging thing!

I am still playing with ideas for monetization, knowing full well as a blog this can’t be really categorized, it may not happen and that is fine too. Thankfully I kept my day job, so if becoming a social media rock star doesn’t work, I can still play the role of Wonder Woman helping those in need. Seriously though I would love to work with any women owned, Black owned, or Maine based companies with cool products I like and use, more on that here.

You will notice I have added a tip jar function, a reader actually suggested I put something up, I thought long and hard because as a blogger I have learned people don’t like being asked for cheddar aka money. Granted it takes money to make the world go around and I can relate, I don’t want to be that pesky tip jar that you seem to see everywhere on the counter. Hell, I am surprised fast food joints don’t have them! That said, I do talk about my life and if you are a regular reader, you know any thing you throw in the jar will be put to good use between my never ending dental work, desires to attend this conference and just life. No pressure though. Lastly I have a list of books I recommend, many I have mentioned in blog posts, if any look good, by all means check em out!

Not sure how this blog will evolve, I would love to really do a major redesign but I don’t have the skills and frankly can’t put the money into it at this time. Anyway tell me what you think of the new look!

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  1. I have recently discovered your blog and really enjoy your writing and the ability you have to speak about the human conditon. Keep it up (please).

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