Small Comment- Sonia Sanchez

In a poetry mood, so I share with you a piece I am currently vibing on… too much madness in the world to deal with instead I retreat to poetry.

Small Comment by Sonia Sanchez

the name of the beast is

man or to be more specific

the nature of man is his

bestial nature or to

bring it to its elemental terms

the nature of nature is

the bestial survival of the

fittest the strongest the richest

or to really examine

the scene we could say that

the nature of any beast is

bestial unnatural and natural

in its struggle for superiority

and survival but to really

be with it we will say that man

is a natural beast bestial in

his lusts natural in his

bestiality and expanding

and growing on the national

scene to be the most

bestial and natural of

any beast. you dig?

Taken from The New Black Poetry copywright 1969

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