Moving on up…got me a troll!

Overall I strive to be a pretty upbeat person, don’t get me wrong, I have my moods and moments but frankly the energy it takes to give into negativity, too many times is energy that could be better expended in other areas of my life. I admit though despite striving to be an upbeat person, I have a tact-less and frankly sarcastic side, yet as I see my daughter trying to emulate me often than I care to admit, I have reached the point where being mindful and intentional is the best way for me to live.

So coming from a very mindful and very intentional place I am going to write a post that frankly is harsh, but after weeks of stuffing it down, I know it’s best to just let it out. For most readers this post will make no sense but there are a few of you…well, you know who you are.

I started this blog back in 2008 and for most of my time writing in what I consider my sacred space, my readership has been small. Fuck, it’s still small while we are being honest. Truth is, I have no defined theme, brand or whatever you call it. I am just a gal with a big mouth who likes to flap her jaws. Over the years I have learned that frankly my way of looking at the world appeals to a small select crowd and frankly that’s fine by me. I pretty much realized early on, that my chances of becoming say the next Dooce or Bloggess were slim to none. But hey a girl can dream!

That said in recent months, for whatever reason I have had more folks checking me out, I suspect it’s the fact that I tweet an awful lot that brings folks here and that’s cool. It’s great to have more folks reading and more folks to interact with, but I have to say some of y’all are some real miserable folks. Over the years I have read tales of other bloggers dealing with trolls and giving em grief and thought to myself, guess the upside of being small is that I don’t have to deal with that shit. Looks like I was wrong and this is one time I would rather not be wrong.

I moderate comments for new commenters and even when you aren’t a new commenter, your comment appearing is subject to my review…unless we are real kool and the gang! I seem to have one maybe two (I barely have time to look at IP addresses and all that madness) folks who well just don’t know that if you have nothing nice to say, you should just say nothing at all. Sorry kids this is my space and even on Twitter or Facebook, if you are a concern troll or ass, I am going to ignore you.

For some reason the internet seems to embolden folks to get bold and say and do all sorts of things that most people wouldn’t dream of doing offline. Online we can wear our super human capes and act like Billy Bad Ass knowing all the while that if you try that move offline, you might be in need of some dentures after you get your teeth bashed in.

So let me put it like this, if what I say or do is not pleasing to you, feel free to move on, I am not holding you hostage. My feelings won’t be hurt, I have already lost a real life acquaintance who unfollowed me and unfriended me because she perceived me as being a classicist, ableist ass. I was momentarily stunned and bugged but I brushed it off.

Life is too damn short and the interwbez is too damn big to waste energy where there is no connection, so push on.

4 thoughts on “Moving on up…got me a troll!”

  1. Trolls? On your blog? WTH?!? You’re very honest but I see nothing in your blog that would warrant trolls. People have too much time on their hands. smh.

  2. Have you ever heard of the “Online Disinhibition Effect?”

    It’s interesting how we become who we are not (or who we truly are) when hidden behind our screens… I guess it can be like road rage when people feel empowered behind the wheel of a car.

    I salute you for brushing these Effwads off!

    It’s nice to realize that they do go away.

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