Life man…it’s crazy!

Life here in BGIM land is wicked crazy at the moment. Pretty much my day gig that pays the bills is filled with all sorts of good madness, new programs, old, add in the holidays which is our busy time of the year since poverty doesn’t take a break and well…you have one really busy BGIM. So posting might be catch as catch can unless I just feel moved to write, by the way, if you want to do a guest post, this would be a great time. Also I am still offering free ads, check out the advertising link for details. Feeling even more generous, drop a coin in the tip jar too! See, I am just all kinds of silly today.

Anyway now that I said all that, let me share some personal goodness with you. I don’t talk much about my eldest on the blog anymore, I mean dude’s 19…almost 20! So talking to y’all about him is a sorta no-no unless its general stuff. But the eldest is plugging away in the wilds of Wisconsin studying philosophy and when he’s not in the books, he’s making music. My son dropped a mix tape that I am sharing with you folks, not because I am his Mama but because considering I was only a mere 19 when he was born, he was pretty much raised on the music of my youth. Well he’s taken that foundational music and made his own thing. So here it is.

2 thoughts on “Life man…it’s crazy!”

  1. Milo is really your son? … you should be proud as hell mama!! I’ve just discovered him but he has hit the top of my hot list and I’ll be spreading the love!!

  2. Life is crazy at the moment. I just had the most hellish day, ever. Work wise. Not dead neighbor wise. Whoa, was THAT a night.

    “hashtag Twitter mumblers” is that Mama?

    Just kidding.

    He’s talented! And smart. A wicked combo. Tell him good job! You should put this on your sidebar. So when we come back we can have a soundtrack to BGIM.

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