It’s too dang much! Why I am on social media overload.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Digg, Reddit, Fark, Stumble Upon, Formspring, Tumblr, and the list goes on. I suspect most of my readers know what these are or have at least heard of them in passing but if not they are all some form of social media communications. I must confess that lately I find myself wanting to just yell “Enough already!”

Seriously with each new thing in the social media sphere it seems the old rules of communicating are going out the window and new ones are in and while change is part of life; lately the speed at which we are seeing this change is quite perplexing for a simple gal like me.

Let’s take a looked at Linked In for instance; Linked In is social media networking for professionals where the idea is that you amass a number of connections also known as your network. This network is comprised of folks you work with, have worked with or have known in your career. Ideally say when you are looking for work or opportunities you can tap into this network. Yet I joined Linked In several years ago and frankly I am still perplexed at how the shit really works, oh I get what they say but no I am talking reality. I heard a joke about Linked In sometime ago that resonated with me, that Linked In is really just Facebook for folks with jobs, a place to say yep I got work what about you sucka? Oh, I know I am being cynical or maybe the sad fact is I am just getting old and less willing to adapt.

Yet just the other day I was listening to a radio piece discussing the use of sites like Linked In when job seeking and the piece talked about how important it is to have a good headshot up. Uh? Say what? Well it seems that not putting up your photo is just wrong but you need to have a good photo so much so that some photographers are now specializing in headshots for use on social media sites. Well regular Jane and Joes may not get jobs but if nothing else for early adapters who are mastering these new forms of communicating they are able to create work for themselves.

Seriously, all jokes aside as I have been getting price quotes for upgrading this labor of love also known as my blog, I have been blown away by how damn expensive it is to jazz this site up. Let’s just say the cheapest quote I received was $1190.00. Yep, almost $1200 to pretty the joint up! Now I understand folks work hard for the cheddar but I will admit I figured a site redesign might cost more like $500-600 not damn near $1200 on the cheap end. Yet in getting the quotes I was struck by the fact that all the designers are pretty much self taught. I mean last time I checked there are no colleges offering majors in WordPress Blog Design, but for those with the interest, time and know how well shit the sky is the limit apparently. Hell one designer was so busy their assistant contacted me to say they weren’t even taking new clients until late in May. Wowzers!

Even the blogosphere itself is filled with folks who if they are willing to adapt and work these new technologies to amass a following can turn that following into cold hard cash. I am not talking nail money, kids I am talking quit ya job and make social media your new career. The Walgreens Corporation recently had a job listing for a social media director, the key requirement was 1-2 years of successful use of social media and the gig paid $100,000 a year!

I know for many of my readers social media is a respite in an otherwise busy day, a time to take a few minutes for themselves but get back to their life at the end of the day, yet more and more folks are making social media their life because they see the power and money involved. I won’t lie I would love to see this blog grow and create income but due to the fact that at the end of the day I believe more in the art of writing and less in the art of promotion I suspect my fortunes may not lie in social media though a girl can hope. This week I learned that I am pretty much doing everything wrong with an eye on growth but its okay because I will continue to be true to me. Though I have one request, can we stop creating so many damn social media outlets? Seriously let’s just issue a moratorium on the creation of new social media programs so the rest of us can catch up.

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5 thoughts on “It’s too dang much! Why I am on social media overload.”

  1. Do you watch The Office? Ryan comes up with this brilliant idea to link all the social media called “Whoof”. I thought it was hilarious. Every time someone hit you one of these sites, it would go to every other site you were on and you would get a fax. I mean, it spoke to just how crazy it all is. I’m on FB. Tried Twitter but don’t really get it. And I really don’t know or care to know what the rest are. I get weary of being “connected” but not being connected at all.

  2. Hi there, found your site from your NYT comments. Agree with the social media overload. I’m just now dipping my toes into the water with facebook and blogging and tweeting, but I find that I’m having a hard time managing the constant stiumulation. Gonna take a social-media free weekend this weekend and hang out with my kid.

  3. I know you wanted a local designer, but , if you want to really save money, you should consider outsourcing the work. There are many websites that allow you to post technical jobs and receive quotes from professionals – here in the US and abroad. One I have personally used before is The designer I chose was based in India which made real time communication difficult, but the price was right and the end result was excellent. The site has an ebay style feedback system so you can check prior work/referrances of providers before you make a selection. Various payment arrangements. You could definitely have this blog redesigned for MUCH less going this route.

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